Elasbelt- 2 Wide 10% Stretch Upholstery Webbing-ELASTIC- (Made in USA - BC  Upholstery

Elasbelt- 2 Wide 10% Stretch Upholstery Webbing-ELASTIC- (Made in USA - BC Upholstery

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Description :  Designed to replace the Pirelli rubber webbing, Elasbelt is a 2" webbing designed to retain elasticity for years of use. 10% stretch. MATERIAL: Made of rubber latex thread material, softer and more pliable. This set of elastic bands is made of polyester and rubber latex thread, with strong elasticity and flexibility, a good choice for your sewing. Dimensions:  2 inches wide.  A standard webbing stretcher and carpenter staples are suggested for proper application to your chair or loveseat. USE:Our elastic webbing is excellently designed for restoring home furniture, whether indoor or outdoor. Each roll is made from professional-grade elastic that is durable and designed for medium-to-high traffic seating surfaces and cushions. When properly applied to your damaged furniture, this webbing creates a taut service that will provide you with enough give for a comfortable sit without any annoying sagging from added pressure.  Sofa Elastic Webbing Stretch

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Elasbelt Webbing can be used as an alternative to springs and replaces Pirelli Webbing. It is extremely durable and provides optimal support that is

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Tired of Sagging Seats? The first step is to ensure the chair has a strong platform of webbing straps to support the cushions. Without it, the sagging seat is going to remain Great Replacement for Rubber Webbing - If you've been looking for rubber webbing strap, you know how expensive it is.

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✔Quantity per Roll : -- 2” wide x 20 feet long. WIDER than most product allowing you to cover more chair with less work. ✔HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL

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It is High quality 2(5cm) latex webbing, Indoor Usage,suitable for all upholstery seat / chair applications. 20% maximum stretch, which provides just

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