2 Hole Pins

2 Hole Pins

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Flange Wizard 2 Hole Flange Pins - Veteran Welding Supply

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1-1/8 Two Hole Pins Set 6061 Aluminum 2 Hole Flange Alignment Pin

Fitting & Layout Tools - Two Hole Pins - Veteran Welding Supply

1-1/8 Two Hole Pins Set 6061 Aluminum 2 Hole Flange Alignment Pin

Magnetic Two Hole Pins 42050-M, 42050-MM, 42050-ML

Features 3/8-16 stainless threaded rod which helps prevent weld spatter from sticking.Also comes quick knobs, 1/4 turn on, 1/4 turn off

1 1/2 Steel Davis Two Hole pin with Quick knobs

Flange Alignment Pin 2 Hole Pins Flange Aligner Precision 6061 Aluminum

Spring and ball two hole pins. No hassle with wasting time threading traditional style two hole pins or with the mess of grinding and grit, or

Spring and Ball Two Hole Pin Set 1 15/16” XL

1-1/8 Two Hole Pins Set Handy 6061 Aluminum Construction 2 Hole

Sumner Manufacturing Company ST-106 Series Flange Pin is ideal for accurate alignment of carbon or stainless steel pipe flanges. Flange features acme threads for magnificent clamping power and hardened steel construction for long lasting use. Pin is best suitable for work as convenient reference points in order to level flange for tack and weld-out. hardened tapered pin is designed to center automatically on 5/8 - 1 5/8 holes.

Sumner 780430 Flange Pins

Flange 2 hole pins threaded - ARC Welding & Safety Supplies

Flange Wizard 42050-TM Two Hole Pins, 5/16 - 63/64 – Eagle

Magnetic Two Hole Pin, 1/2 in, 1-7/16 in, Magnetic standard pins

Perfect Hole Pin Design. 1-1 / 8 double hole positioning pin, which can help you quickly and accurately align the flange pipe, reduce the trouble of

1-1/8 Two Hole Pins Set, Handy 6061 Aluminum Lightweight Construction 2 Hole Flange Alignment Pin with Anodized Black Oxide Finish