Custom LED Rolling Tray, Low MOQ

Custom LED Rolling Tray, Low MOQ

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Create custom glow in the dark LED rolling tray with a minimum order of 100 units. Custom LED Rolling tray is available in many color options and sizes.
Illuminate your smoke sessions with our fully customizable Light Up Rolling Tray. Personalize it with your logo and choose from a wide range of colors, while the bright LED lights provide perfect visibility for a seamless rolling experience, tailored to your liking. The LED Glow in the Dark Rolling Tray can last up to 8 hours when fully charged and our technology allows for high efficiency charging. Our LED rolling tray comes with a USB-C cable to charge it, as well as a customized bag for packaging. Set a fresh herb on a high-quality tin custom LED rolling tray before grinding it up and rolling your joint. Our trays go through an industry standard quality assurance test to make sure they are durable and high-quality. The LED rolling tray provides plenty of light helping you roll the perfect joint even in the darkest setting. Order wholesale LED rolling tray custom for your personal or smoke shop brand collection to light up any smoke session. Please allow up to 3 weeks production time. Want even more customized accessories to match your LED glow in the dark rolling tray? Check out our custom all over print grinder to maximize your brand's image! We also have BioTrays and Bamboo Wooden Rolling Trays. Minimum Order: 50 Sizes available: 27*22*3.5cm Material: Plastic Customization: UV Print

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Custom LED Rolling Tray, Low MOQ

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