Ettore Super Buckets, Window Cleaning Tools

Ettore Super Buckets, Window Cleaning Tools

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The Ettore Super Bucket is the perfect bucket for window cleaning experts. its large size allows you to dip your whole washer. Place yoru order today!
About the Ettore Super Bucket The Ettore Super Bucket is a 6-Gallon window cleaning bucket. Allows you to dip your whole Strip Washer at once. It comes with a handle only. Both the bucket and handle are made of thick plastic. All other accessories like the lid are sold separately.

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Ettore 16 Fluid Ounces Pour Bottle Glass Cleaner in the Glass Cleaners department at


Ettore Pro Series backflip combo-tool is a revolutionary breakthrough in window cleaning. It combines the two primary tools used by professional window cleaners into one easy-to-use product. With the touch of a button you can use individually or in time-saving combinations. One tool four uses. The combo tool combines quick release which makes changing channels on a squeegee easier, also includes our durable microfiber washer that wipes the toughest dirt, grime and grease imaginable.

Ettore Pro-series 14 Back-flip Squeegee and Washer Scrubber

Window Cleaning Combo Kit offers everything you need to achieve clean windows, mirrors, shower doors and more. It includes a 12 inch all-purpose squeegee, 10 inch microfiber washer that is machine-washable and 5' extension pole with a click-lock feature. By adding or removing the tools from the click-lock tip, the pole can be used with other cleaning tools such as dusters, paint brushes and more. Reusable window scrubber delivers more cleaning power than paper towels or sponges.

Ettore Window Cleaning Kit

Ettore Super Buckets, Window Cleaning Tools

Professional Residential Window Cleaning Kit - Brand Ettore

The Ettore Super Bucket for Cleaning Windows & More What's on YOUR home cleaning and home maintenance bucket list? The 6-gallon Ettore Super Bucket fits squeegees and washers up to 18-inches

Ettore Super Buckets, Window Cleaning Tools