MSM Large Patch Panel Laminate

MSM Large Patch Panel Laminate

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Based on our classic large patch panel design, now made with laminate construction. As a new feature PALS webbing slots are cut on the front for more usage options. Although the main design goal is simple to allow hook backed patch mounting on a PALS / MOLLE area of a vest or pack; to make good use of the material a zipper pocket is integrated. The interior space starts fairly flat, yet some items of decent size can fit in there such as a 30 round 5.56 magazine. 4 Long MALICE clips are included with each panel (Patches and other gear however are not included) Back PALS slots are cut mainly to allow mounting to 6 PALS channels. DIMS: Approx 10" x6.375" , 9.25" x 5.75" of loop/pile spaceManufactured by Tactical Tailor in the USA    

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