Clean + Easy Remove After Wax Remover - 5 fl. oz.

Clean + Easy Remove After Wax Remover - 5 fl. oz.

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Remove after wax remover removes any trace of wax remaining on the skin. An emollient rich wheat germ oil. Moisturizes and hydrates skin. Can also be used to clean the roller heads and waxing spa. Effective with all types of wax.

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Emollient-rich post-depilatory wax remover that eliminates any trace of excess wax remaining on the skin. Gently yet effectively removes wax residue without stripping or drying highly sensitive skin after waxing. A must-have for a mess-free waxing experience. Infused with Wheat Germ Oil to moisturize and hydrate skin. It helps soothe skin irritation, calm itchiness, and reduce redness and swelling after unsightly hair removal sesh. Also contains Vitamins A and E for skin-nourishment.

Clean + Easy Remove After Wax Remover - 5 fl. oz.

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