Seam-Fix Mini - Anna Maria

Seam-Fix Mini - Anna Maria

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The Seam-Fix Mini is not just another seam ripper to put in the bottom of your sewing kit and forget about. Instead, you will find the Seam-Fix Mini to be a tool as useful as a rotary cutter or pair of scissors.Ripping a seam is the easy part, and there are all kinds of seam rippers available to take a seam apart. But what about all of those little threads that are left when you use a seam ripper to take apart a seam?Instead of taking the time to pluck out all of those little bits of thread, use the Seam-Fix Mini to simply erase the bits of thread right off your project. The specially-designed plastic tips at each end make this easy.Say good-bye to eye strain and get back to sewing!Product notes: Each seam ripper has a sharp blade

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New mini size is only 3-1/4in long. Innovative rubber thread remover on cap and bottom- makes ripping seams and removing threads so easy! New mini

Mini Seam Fix

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This clever 2-in-1 notion will make your sewing life so much easier! Every sewist needs to rip out seams. The Mini Seam Fix® is a seam ripper with a

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