Shake Well - Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Label

Shake Well - Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Label

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Provide additional information that might not otherwise be included on the patients prescription label with this Shake Well - Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Label from Creative Safety Supply.

Shake Well Before Using Label - 1.7 x 0.4 Small

Retail Pharmacy Prescription Auxiliary Labels

Centurion Centurion Pharmacy Auxiliary Labels - Red Shake Well

1.7 x 0.4 inch Medical & Medications: Shake Well Before Using

Shake Well Before Using, Nevs Ink

Label Shake Well

Medication Errors: The Year in Review

Labels per roll: 1,000, Price per roll: $8.51, Rolls Per Case: 1 roll, This is a stock item and will ship within 24 hours., Color: White w/Black,

Auxiliary Label, Shake Well Label


Auxiliary Label - Shake Well and Keep in Refrigerator (1,000 Labels)