24kt Gold/chrome/silver/rhodium, Gold Plating Kit, Electroplating

24kt Gold/chrome/silver/rhodium, Gold Plating Kit, Electroplating

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24K Gold, Chrome, Silver and Rhodium plating machine You can also do copper and nickel plating The Platers Workshop, Retails Value of 799.00 Kit includes 24K Gold Solution, Plating Anode, link to download manual. (Coins Not Included, its sample that was pen plated with this kit) The Platers Workshop is a new compact electroplating system that allows even the amateur to professionally plate jewelry, antiques, auto accessories, motorcycles, marine items, PC boards, electronics hobbyists with ease. "Includes 4oz 24k Liquid Gold for immersion plating, 8oz Chrome Stripper, 8oz Nickel Activator, Plating Anode, Free Tech Support. for product information visit www.beckerindustries.com, For technical help or questions call us at: 561-594-1070

24kt Gold/chrome/silver/rhodium, Gold Plating Kit, Electroplating Kit,

Gold Plating Kit: Can be used for local gold, silver, copper plating decoration. Pen type design, small size, light weight, simple operation.

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Digital 24K Gold/chrome/silver/rhodium/ Plating Machine Kit, NEW

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24k Gold Plating. Gold Plating is a 3 step process. If plating on Silver you don't use chemicals, Apply Gold directly to Silver. Nickel plating.

24kt Gold/Chrome/silver/Rhodium Plating Machine kit, Gold plating Kit

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